We provide Child Custody Investigation Services


Advanced Professional Investigations is experienced and highly skilled in custody investigations in Denver, providing you with the right action to take when you believe your current custody arrangements fail to meet your child’s best interests.


The courts, attorneys, and parents do their best, with the information they have, to make the right decisions regarding custody. At API, our child custody investigation services in Colorado help you find evidence and answers, including documentation of inappropriate behaviors, such as abuse, neglect, or violations of court orders. The sooner you obtain information regarding these child custody issues, the sooner you can stop it.


Common child custody issues include:



How We Can Help


Courts need to see “real evidence.” Our private investigators help family lawyers and parents show the court the real picture. We can put the other parent under surveillance so we can document their behavior.


Does the other parent expose the child to negative and questionable environments? Do they abuse the child in any way? Do they claim they lack money for support but have money for their new lifestyle? Do they smoke or cause any health risk to the child? Do they drink and drive with the child in the car? Do they have a substance abuse problem that violates the child’s best interest? If so, put us on the case.


Each case has unique circumstances. Regardless of the issue, if the parent believes that something harmful is happening and affecting the child’s well-being, it’s time to call us.


All of our investigators are individually licensed Colorado private investigators. You can rely on our experience, professionalism, high-quality work product, personalized service, and accurate, timely, and concise reporting for all assignments.


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