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Private Investigator Colorado License Closer to Reality

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Denver, CO

Private Investigators in Colorado took two large steps forward in their goal of obtaining a Colorado license. On February 17, 2011 DORA, the Department of Regulatory Agencies, issued their 2011 Sunrise Review for Private Investigators with a recommendation to regulate private investigators and require either a surety bond or errors and omissions insurance and passage of a jurisprudence examination. DORA’s recommendation is believed to be the first time that the agency has issued a recommendation to regulate PIs. Past reviews by DORA have resulted in recommendations that private investigators and private detectives needed no regulation as there was not enough proof of public harm.

On February 22, 2011 Colorado House Bill 1195, concerning the voluntary licensure of private investigators, passed unanimously through the House Committee with a vote of 11-0. House Bill 1195 was introduced as the result of a licensing committee formed by the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado. House Judiciary Committee Chair Bob Gardner of Colorado Springs discussed the desire of PIs to enhance their professionalism and credentials through a private investigator license. Because of the voluntary nature of the bill, a private investigator without a license could continue operating in Colorado, but could not hold him/herself out to be a “licensed private investigator”. A portion of the CO licensing bill which granted access to public records in an unredacted form was struck out of the bill. The House Committee recommended the bill contain an amendment restricting individuals who have been convicted of unlawful sexual behavior, domestic violence, stalking, or a violation of a protection order as defined by Colorado Revised Statutes.

Colorado House Bill 1195 now moves to the House Finance Committee and one step closer to PIs being able to hold themselves out as a Colorado licensed private investigator.

Colorado Private Investigator Licensing News

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Currently, Colorado is one of a handful of states that have no licensing standards for private investigators. Advanced Private Investigations, LLC in its involvement with the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado has recognized the need for licensing to raise the standard of professionalism for private investigators as well as to better address access to public records and databases. API is comprised of Senior Members of PPIAC.

As a leader of PI training and legislative matters in Colorado, the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado is taking a proactive, rather than reactive approach to licensing which will more effectively direct the outcome of legislation. In this case the increasingly attention-garnering topic of Colorado’s lack of licensing standards will be better directed if introduced by PPIAC than by non-PI groups.

PPIAC has worked for several months beginning in mid-2010 to bring a private investigator licensing bill to Colorado. Early in February 2011, that goal became a reality when HB11-1195 was introduced to the Colorado General Assembly. PPIAC formed a licensing committee to develop a unique voluntary licensing approach to a bill. This unique licensing approach, along with several other Key Points which were completely and wholly incorporated by the bill writer into HB11-1195, have already received strong support from PPIAC members as well as non member investigators. Perhaps more importantly, several Colorado legislators have already voiced their support of the bill.

Another unique approach of HB11-1195 is the bi-partisan sponsorship that the bill has received. Representative Bob Gardner(R) volunteered to be the prime sponsor in the House. Representative Su Ryden(D) has agreed to be a co-sponsor in the House. Senator Linda Newell(D) is the prime sponsor in the Senate. PPIAC continues to seek a Republican co-sponsor in the Senate.

All Colorado private investigators and detectives, both PPIAC members and non-members alike are strongly encouraged to join forces to support what looks to be Colorado’s best opportunity yet of having a Colorado PI license become reality. Already PPIAC has received approximately $5,000 in donations from members and non-member investigators to help fund PPIAC’s lobbyist. PPIAC’s goal is to raise $12,000 to pay for the lobbyist’s representation throughout the 2011 Colorado legislative session.

Please consider making a donation! Visit and look for the PayPal button to make a donation. A full version of HB11-1195 can also be located on the website.