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Employee Misconduct Investigations III

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Recent Colorado medical marijuana legislation passed at the Denver Capitol has caused a rise in the use and abuse of that drug in the workplace. Drug use in the workplace is a type of misconduct that employers should curb, as this type of behavior can be costly down the road. Drug use, to include illegal drugs, alcohol, and even the abuse of prescription drugs can impair an employee’s ability to perform their work functions in a safe manner. An employee who is impaired is more likely to suffer an injury in the workplace, and can subsequently claim worker’s compensation benefits as a result of the injury. Impaired employees are also a danger to others around them, which increases liability to the employer. Impaired employees in general can be less productive and less efficient than those who are not.
Other behaviors which could fall under employee misconduct include falsely claiming sick days, falsely claiming FMLA ( Family Medical Leave Act ), claiming lack of transportation, inaccessible roads, involvement in vehicular accidents, breakdowns, and other forms of excessive absenteeism.
Of course, surveillance is only one part of the equation. Employers need well written policies and procedures. Legal advice from an employment attorney will help the employer ensure that the professional investigator’s documentation is used in measures and resolutions that are compliant with labor laws.

Do you suspect one of your employees of misconduct? Let Advanced Professional Investigations of Colorado be your surveillance specialists in verifying and documenting misconduct so you don’t continue to experience losses in your company! Our office is conveniently located between Denver and Colorado Springs, with investigators located throughout the Denver metro area.

Employee Misconduct Investigations II

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

Do you know if your employees are stealing fuel at your company’s expense? Employees with company vehicles typically have company credit cards for gasoline purchases. This is another potential area of major losses for employers, particularly with the $3-4 / gallon fuel prices. Fuel theft can occur when the employee simply uses the credit card to fill up a personal vehicle. Sometimes, unscrupulous employees use the card to fill up the company vehicle and have a friend or family member line up at the gas pump before the transaction is closed to fill up or casually place a few gallons of gas in a personal vehicle to prevent large purchases which could arouse suspicion. Employees might also keep gas cans which are filled up and then emptied out into personal vehicles. Though not they are not large losses per occurrence, frequent fuel thefts can cumulatively cost employers tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars over the span of a dishonest employee’s career.
Time theft is another area that should be of concern to employers. Field employees and delivery drivers are often not under the supervision of an employer. Time theft can occur when the employee ends the work day early while charging for the hours, running personal errands during work hours, or even missing an entire day of work while claiming to have been at work. Similar to fuel thefts, theft of time can quickly have a cumulative effect with an individual employee, and the effect can be compounded with other employees involved in the same behavior. Some employees tend to emulate the behavior of one or two employees who are not being identified and disciplined.
Do you suspect one of your employees of misconduct? Let Advanced Professional Investigations of Colorado be your consultants in verifying and documenting this behavior so you don’t continue to experience losses in your company!

Employee Misconduct Investigations Part 1

Sunday, December 4th, 2011

With the downturn in the economy, many corporations, small business owners, and even government entities are looking for ways to keep their businesses and work places running efficiently and maximize profits. One method for achieving this goal is to examine the productivity, honesty, and integrity of a company’s employees. Often, dishonesty, illegal activity, and unscrupulous behavior start as an isolated incident, or with one employee. However, problems can quickly escalate with an employee and can even spread to other employees if they believe everyone else
is “getting away with it.”

In recent years, there has been a growing trend of employers installing security and video surveillance systems in offices and company property as a way to create a safer work environment, to limit liability, increase productivity, cut down on losses, and as an investigative tool when an issue arises. So how can an employer monitor his/her employees when these concerns arise outside of an office or company property? The answer is through physical surveillance provided by a professional private investigative agency, and specifically one that specializes in surveillance.

Do you have increasingly missing or unexplainable losses in company equipment? Many companies, particularly construction and similar industrial related businesses have valuable equipment which is used by employees on field locations away from company property. Surveillance investigators pick up where stationary surveillance cameras drop off. Surveillance investigators are more mobile, more flexible, and can even be more covert in the ability to document equipment theft.