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Documenting the Dynamics of Parenting Time

Friday, November 4th, 2016


Like adults, children can have biases particularly in regards to their parents. Those biases are affected even more so in contentious divorces where struggles for parenting time become an emotional tug of war.

Emotions on the part of the client makes a family law attorney’s job even more difficult in determining whether concerns of the child regarding the other parent are being accurately described. Concerns for safety and the overall well-being of the children are sometimes in question and need to be taken seriously.

In addition to being helpful in determining whether drug or alcohol use is a factor during parenting time, having an accurate picture of the dynamics of the relationship can influence modification of that time. Although there may not be evidence of alcohol or drug use during visitation time, is there question of such in the hours before the child exchange? We at Advanced Professional Investigations have had cases in which we’ve documented subjects that have consumed alcohol immediately prior to a child exchange. Who is spending time with the children? Are background checks on individuals spending time with the children warranted? Unfortunately, we have had cases where new love interests or babysitters have had questionable backgrounds. Are the children being left unattended? Video documentation via surveillance can be crucial to a child custody case. Are the children in a healthy, stable, and safe environment is the ultimate question in parenting time or custody cases. There may also be a question of “quality time”. Is the other parent spending their time with the child or children or do they simply go about their daily business and leave the children in the care of others?

What are the children’s behaviors while they are spending time with that parent? Are they happy and seem content, or do they appear hesitant and fearful during their visitation?

Besides parenting time, questionable employment that would be detrimental to the emotional or physical well-being of the children may need to be answered. Is the subject working at a bar and taking the children with them during their shift for example?

Surveillance can be used to document questionable behaviors in an objective manner, providing the family law attorney with necessary information to proceed in the best interest of their client, or at times put the parent at easy knowing their child or children are well looked after while in the other’s care.

The Highly Specialized Career of Professional Investigations

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Professional private investigations is a career that many people have a great deal of fascination about. Television and media have often depicted the private investigator as an individual who is a do-it-all, a James Bond type of figure willing to tackle and somehow successfully accomplish any type of mission, assignment, or adversity presented to the character.

In reality, professional investigators give a great deal of thought to what cases they are willing to accept. Effective and responsible investigators know that if a case is outside their area of expertise, there is a greater probability that the results of the case will not be optimal. If you are looking for an attorney to resolve a child custody matter, would you hire the attorney that specializes in bankruptcy law, immigration law, or criminal law? You will likely prefer to hire the attorney who specializes in family law, and maybe even more precisely, child custody matters.

Professional private investigators like, attorneys, have specialties of their own. When potential clients are considering whether to hire a private investigator, I will often advise them against hiring the do-it-all private investigator. The old saying, ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ certainly applies to investigations. A person who is considering hiring a private investigator should first identify what needs to be resolved or what information is being sought. The potential client can then begin looking for an investigator who specializes in obtaining the desired information or resolving the person’s matter. When contacting the investigator or investigative agency, do not hesitate to ask if they specialize in a certain area. Also, do not hesitate to ask how much experience they have in a certain area.

Advanced Professional Investigations is occasionally asked about companies that offer and provide professional services unrelated to investigations, and simultaneously have an in-house investigator or an investigations division. While it may seem tempting to go with the ‘one stop shop’ provider, the client should give consideration to a couple of important factors. First, is there a potential for the in-house investigator to have a bias, or could there be a perceived bias if the investigative findings are presented in a legal setting? Second, if investigation is one of many other professional services offered by a company, how much dedication/focus is the company giving to the investigations division of the company?

Advanced Professional Investigations, LLC is proud to be a fully independent, dedicated professional private investigations agency. What does this mean to our clients? API is able to maintain a direct, customer-focused line of communication with our clients. API obtains its information and documentation in a non-biased manner. API’s results always withstand the scrutiny of any perceived bias in a legal setting. Because API is dedicated to professional investigations, API’s investigators frequently attend conferences, courses, and training to keep on the forefront of investigations. API maintains the latest video recording equipment, with features that are designed specifically for professional investigators, not the general public. API was founded on, and continues to be focused on providing the highest quality results to our clients.

Do you have an investigative case request and you’re not sure who to turn to? Give API a call. Rest assured that if the case request is outside of our areas of specialty, we will let you know and will go the extra step of finding an investigator with the specialty you need.

GPS Tracking in Colorado

Sunday, November 25th, 2012
Advanced Professional Investigations has cautioned against the misuse of GPS tracking technology for years. Why is GPS tracking technology such a grey area for the typical consumer as well as for private investigators in Colorado? API has compiled some recent news articles on GPS trackers and high tech stalking.
In this first article, a journalist contacted several California private investigators under a pretext to see if they offered GPS tracking services. The initial responses of the PI’s were disturbing. The journalist likely chose California because of their strict laws on GPS tracking.
This next article talks about how stalkers are going high tech to do their dirty deeds. Please note the statistics compiled in a study of how victims are being stalked. The video/digital camera statistic is particularly alarming. The GPS tracking statistic has likely gone up several fold since this study. Over the years, our agency has received many phone calls from individuals whose intent was suspect. Private investigators can never be too careful in screening those cases.
Of course, like any technology or piece of equipment, there are some perfectly legitimate uses and not everything is for malicious purposes. Here’s a couple of articles that highlight those uses. The second article shows how one Minnesota county is turning the use of GPS tracking against the stalkers. As the use of GPS tracking and other investigative technology expands, API and other professional private investigators will potentially take on the role of educators for the public, and perhaps providing consultations on the proper use of the technology.

Client Confidentiality and Private Investigators

Monday, September 17th, 2012


In this article, Advanced Professional Investigations discusses confidentiality and what it means for a client. When hiring an investigative agency, clients should be aware of the agency’s confidentiality practices. A professional investigative agency, with professional investigators on its staff, will know that maintaining the confidentiality of a case is in the client’s best interest, and to preserve the integrity of the case itself.


An experienced, ethical investigator/agency knows never to reveal the name of the client unless specifically authorized to do so. The agency should also never reveal the name of the subject of the investigation, unless it is to obtain records on the subject.


Though there is no confidentiality clause in the Colorado Private Investigator licensing statute, a professional investigator knows to maintain it and assure it at all cost.


API has, on rare occasions, heard of private investigators who attempted to extort money from either the client or from the intended subject of the investigation. Though this is an extreme example and more likely to happen to a private client who has no attorney representation, it is definitely not out of the realm of possibility.


Advanced Professional Investigations and its employees understand the importance of maintaining client confidentiality on each and every one of the cases we are entrusted to handle! Contact us today for a free consultation.


Privacy and the Surveillance Investigator

Monday, September 12th, 2011

You’ve all seen the stories and heard conflicting rulings about the Right to Privacy/Invasion of Privacy. One of the most frequent questions we’re asked about is how private investigators get around the Right to Privacy issue.

The long and short of it is: private investigators don’t, or at least they shouldn’t.

Although private detectives and investigators are often depicted as going in to the grey areas in order to come back with the “money shot,” the fact of the matter is that evidence gathered in an illegal way is dismissed or won’t be allowed to be presented in a legal setting.

Advanced Professional Investigations treats every case as though it were
going to court. It may take a little longer, require more effort and cost a bit
more – but our documentation is not going to compromise your case in court by failing to pass legal scrutiny.

The right to privacy encompasses that which is not determined to be public domain, and as such private investigators and their clients must also be aware of the reasonable expectation of privacy. A person’s home is their domain. The same right that you expect goes for everyone else. For that reason, the ‘invisible’ line is drawn at the threshold of their door. If the subject is involved in activity on the front porch step which benefits the client, private investigators are going to document that (provided there’s not a six-foot privacy fence in the way.) If the subject is inside their home, it’s off limits.

It is far better to wait for a another moment for capturing video surveillance than it is to present documentation gained in a manner that is questionable in the eyes of the law. Advanced Professional Investigations doesn’t take risks with our client’s money on the line.