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The Highly Specialized Career of Professional Investigations

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Professional private investigations is a career that many people have a great deal of fascination about. Television and media have often depicted the private investigator as an individual who is a do-it-all, a James Bond type of figure willing to tackle and somehow successfully accomplish any type of mission, assignment, or adversity presented to the character.

In reality, professional investigators give a great deal of thought to what cases they are willing to accept. Effective and responsible investigators know that if a case is outside their area of expertise, there is a greater probability that the results of the case will not be optimal. If you are looking for an attorney to resolve a child custody matter, would you hire the attorney that specializes in bankruptcy law, immigration law, or criminal law? You will likely prefer to hire the attorney who specializes in family law, and maybe even more precisely, child custody matters.

Professional private investigators like, attorneys, have specialties of their own. When potential clients are considering whether to hire a private investigator, I will often advise them against hiring the do-it-all private investigator. The old saying, ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ certainly applies to investigations. A person who is considering hiring a private investigator should first identify what needs to be resolved or what information is being sought. The potential client can then begin looking for an investigator who specializes in obtaining the desired information or resolving the person’s matter. When contacting the investigator or investigative agency, do not hesitate to ask if they specialize in a certain area. Also, do not hesitate to ask how much experience they have in a certain area.

Advanced Professional Investigations is occasionally asked about companies that offer and provide professional services unrelated to investigations, and simultaneously have an in-house investigator or an investigations division. While it may seem tempting to go with the ‘one stop shop’ provider, the client should give consideration to a couple of important factors. First, is there a potential for the in-house investigator to have a bias, or could there be a perceived bias if the investigative findings are presented in a legal setting? Second, if investigation is one of many other professional services offered by a company, how much dedication/focus is the company giving to the investigations division of the company?

Advanced Professional Investigations, LLC is proud to be a fully independent, dedicated professional private investigations agency. What does this mean to our clients? API is able to maintain a direct, customer-focused line of communication with our clients. API obtains its information and documentation in a non-biased manner. API’s results always withstand the scrutiny of any perceived bias in a legal setting. Because API is dedicated to professional investigations, API’s investigators frequently attend conferences, courses, and training to keep on the forefront of investigations. API maintains the latest video recording equipment, with features that are designed specifically for professional investigators, not the general public. API was founded on, and continues to be focused on providing the highest quality results to our clients.

Do you have an investigative case request and you’re not sure who to turn to? Give API a call. Rest assured that if the case request is outside of our areas of specialty, we will let you know and will go the extra step of finding an investigator with the specialty you need.

Pre Trial Investigators for Denver and Colorado Wide Cases

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

You can never have too much information. Wars have been lost for lack of data. Use API’s licensed private investigators as your resource for pre-trial investigations, and don’t risk a lack of details leaving your flank exposed in court. How overworked is your paralegal? How full is your plate? Let us help.


Here’s what a Pre-Trial Investigation can provide for you:


Witness Identification/Location/Statements – It’s always a race to locate and interview witnesses before the other side finds them. Take these tasks off your to-do list and let our private detectives locate and interview them. That’s one less thing you have to worry about.


Public Records and Social Media Investigations – The best time to be informed that someone has a questionable social network account under an alias, owns three prolific businesses, or has had several run-ins with the law is at your desk, not hearing it for the first time in court. Let our professional investigators help you by providing this information early on, so you can build your case armed with this knowledge.


Motor Vehicle Records/Registrations – Was the Claimant injured at work, or were they injured in an automobile accident shortly before the claimed injury? Did they have a valid driver’s license at the time of the accident, or was it suspended? Count on our insurance defense investigators to bring the information to the table.


Surveillance – Is there an intellectual property dispute? Child Custody/Parental Kidnapping? API employs Colorado’s most skilled surveillance investigators. API will provide you with high-definition, time and date stamped digital video and photo documentation that holds up in court.


High-Exposure Insurance Defense Investigations – When there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars riding on the outcome of insurance claims, every piece of information is crucial. Bring our insurance claims investigators on early and we can provide you with backgrounds, profiles, records and more.


Location Photography/Videography – Premises liability and other insurance defense cases often require photos and video, as well as background information of equipment, weather conditions, lighting and floor surfaces. The earlier our Colorado licensed PI’s are brought on in a case, the better the information we can provide to help you with the case.


These are just a few examples of what we can do to assist attorneys, overworked paralegals, insurance adjusters, corporate professionals and more to help win your case.

Surveillance – Managing the White Space

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

What is “good” surveillance? In insurance defense investigations it is often measured by the bottom-line or end result. How much video was obtained and what does that video depict? To an insurance adjuster managing a heavy case load, the bottom-line is necessarily the focus and ultimate concern. The investigative report’s time entries document occurrences relevant to the case. But for the investigator, what happens in those “white spaces” comprises most of what determines a favorable end result. Simply, it is what isn’t on the page that tells the story of effective surveillance techniques.

A typical report time entry might look something like this:

10:20 a.m. The subject departed the residence.

10:40 a.m. The subject arrived at a grocery store. Videotape was obtained…

The bottom line is a tangible result: videotape was obtained. But success or failure is determined in that seemingly irrelevant 20-minute “white space” between time entries…the active pursuit. In a seemingly uneventful 20-minute pursuit from point A to point B hundreds of variables are considered and a myriad of split second decisions are made.

There are the physical logistics of the pursuit, such as vehicle spacing, positioning, speed, direction, traffic volume, road conditions, traffic signals, road signs, etc. to consider. There is the behavior of the subject. What are his/her driving tendencies – decisive, distracted, predictable, erratic? There is consideration of direction and location. Based on what is known of the subject, what potential businesses in the area might be a destination? The investigator must be several steps ahead mentally in order to act and react quickly in the unpredictability of active pursuit. It requires acute awareness and attention to peripheral detail every moment. It is a nuanced and subtle dance and one wrong move can compromise the investigation or end the day.

Successful pursuit is a cornerstone of useful, effective surveillance. It is skillful management of this “white space” that distinguishes the bad from the good, and the useless from the valuable.

– Richard Q.